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Exploring Downtown Philadelphia

If these roads could talk! The VETM students were challenged with a scavenger hunt to explore the history of downtown Philadelphia! To see […]

Client Communication

The VETM students work together alongside their TA’s (aka, the client) to determine what is ailing each of their pets. To see more […]

Video | Suture Activity

The VETM students took to the lab to practice their suture skills on pigs feet! To learn more check out the video below!

Video | Students Discuss Guest Lecture from Dean Andrew Hoffman

University of Pennsylvania Dean, Andrew Hoffman, discussed the past, present, and future of veterinary medicine with the students, sparking new ideas about what […]

Video | Guest Lecturer Dr. Erica Miller

Dr. Erica Miller talked to the students about the varied background of her career and the many paths individuals can take through veterinary […]

Meet the Staff

The Staff is here at UPenn and VERY excited to work with all of our students!